Saturday, October 25, 2014


New York Times carries an interesting piece on the effects of positive psychology by Ellen Langer.  Langer has carried out several experiments on aging people and has written many books propounding that biological changes can be manipulated with appropriate counselling. Jeffrey Rediger, a psychiatrist at Harvard’s McLean Hospital, commented on Langer’s conclusion: “ … health and illness are much more rooted in our minds and in our hearts and how we experience ourselves in the world than our models even begin to understand.”

In this context, the anti-aging skin formulations being propagated by cosmetics manufacturers is quite relevant. 

We have been advising our customers of herbal natural anti-aging formulations that the “aging” factor should not weigh so much on their mind that could lower their self-esteem. The aging signs should not be viewed with any negativity. It is the sense of having healthy bright skin that should outweigh the negative marketing campaigns of many top beauty brands for their unverifiable anti-aging products. Added to this is the almost round the clock appearance of glamorous models all over the TV commercials which tend to create rather unhealthy thought process with regard to physical aging. It is needless to highlight the fact that cosmetic players can convert all these manipulated thoughts into higher sales growth!

While advocating application of herbal natural anti-aging products, we have been trying to induce positive feelings among our customers about the benefits to their skin by the use of especially selected organic ingredients, combined with right kind of essential oils. Unlike the harsh chemical agents in many successfully marketed products, the natural ingredients have proven their efficacy and safety over centuries.  Happily, we have noted that this line of raising awareness among our customers has created many positive signals.  The customers using our anti-aging formulations develop a better feel-good-factor, and their continuing to use our products reflects their mature thinking about the whole aging business. Their self-esteem goes high when they remain unaffected from the manipulative commercials.

We might also draw attention to the immense benefits that are derived by the aromatic effect which the essential oils in our anti-aging products produce.  These are included in our products to create the right kind of fragrance appealing to mind, thereby affecting the body - these essential oils have many curative properties, and are essential for any effective formulation. 

Thus, while the effect of the promotional campaign on TV and media of the commonly marketed pharma-based anti-aging products, aimed at manipulating the purchasing habit of potential customers, does not last long (and therefore these have to keep repeating frequently),  the right awareness itself of the harmful risks to the skin due to harsh chemicals and the immense benefits of natural products to the overall health, and to the skin in particular, can last longer and encourage the thoughts and feelings about the aging process to more enlightened and healthy level.  

As a matter of fact, everybody needs to understand the interplay of mental and physical activity. Manipulating thoughts can indeed lead to desired types of physical activities. Ellen Langer’s theory is effective in many aspects, including in the beauty care campaigns. As she observed: “If people could learn to be mindful and always perceive the choices available to them, they would fulfill their potential and improve their health.”

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