Monday, October 13, 2014


Recent reports reveal that law firm Bryson & Mason in Tristate area is going to take legal action over Mario Badescu’s Control Cream, alleging that it contains unlabeled steroids.  The website of the law firm states that the Control Cream and Healing Cream of Mario Badescu contained very high doses of two steroids Hydrocontisone and Triancinolone Acetonide.  Mario Badescu had labeled the product as containing botanical extracts.

At HERBALLY RADIANT we have been emphasizing frequently that consumers need to be aware of the nature of harsh chemicals contained in increasingly large number of non-organic cosmetics.  Companies are doing aggressive marketing with unverifiable claims about such products.  As a matter of precaution, pharma-based beauty products should, as far as possible, be taken under medical supervision, especially if these are to be applied on sensitive skin. 

However, in the matter of safe and healthy beauty care regime, it is most important to ensure that the ingredients on the labels are skin friendly and contain right nutrients for the skin.   Where the manufacturers do not display the ingredients on the label, consumers have to be extra cautious for there is no reason for the manufacturers not to help consumers understand the nature and properties of the ingredients of their products. 

We have noticed that most of the chemical or petro-based face creams and similar products just spread a thin layer on face, and cover the pores of skin, thus interfering with its own natural functions. On the other hand, the fine molecules of natural organic products, produced by Herbally Radiant, get readily absorbed into the skin. This is of crucial importance in the process for two per cent of what we apply on our skin finds its way to our blood stream. Thus the important ingredients in our formulations which are rich nutrients for improving firmness, elasticity and resilience of the skin, making the skin texture soft and smooth, can be applied immensely beneficially during day and night. Many of these ingredients have been included especially to fight aging signs, virtually rejuvenating the skin and leaving it with a youthful radiant glow.

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