Saturday, October 4, 2014


For the past few years, beauty industry has witnessed steady growth of natural organic skincare products. In US, while the organic food industry is expected to reach $ 2.6 billion, the organic skin care industry is likely to reach $ 1.7 billion by 2015.  This is a global trend and most of the developed countries are following the same growth curve.  Japan, for example has registered 14% annual growth of plant-based beauty products. Germany is another major market where organic cosmetics are finding favor with  increasing number of consumers.

In cosmetics, organic substances are predominantly found in personal care products, as not only do consumers apply these products directly onto the hair and skin, but also their appeal is based on nourishment and long-term care. The appeal of products that are less damaging to long-term health means that consumers are most likely to buy into organic products in categories such as skin care, hair care, sun care and bath and shower.

Potentially harmful artificial ingredients which cause many consumers to turn to organic cosmetics are the main reason why many consumers buy into organic drinks and organic vitamins and dietary supplements. Apart from avoiding the risks associated with the chemical-based ingredients, the natural products hold promise of healthy nutritional intake.

The efficacy of  herbs, seeds, nuts and leaves extracts used in skin and hair care preparations is well established by their use over centuries. Botanicals were the basis of the cosmetic and pharmaceutical treatments in the past till the finding of synthetic man-made chemicals. Synthetics and new chemicals were found to have quicker results in fixing the skin problems. However, the negative side effects of the use of their ingredients became known recently. With more research, many of the potentially risky chemicals were found to have association with many health problems, apart from their adverse impact on environment.

Although the range of plant extracts used in pharmaceuticals is much narrower today, the number of extracts from plants used in personal care is constantly increasing. Their benefits are being rediscovered and with the aid of new technology we can better understand their make-up and properties. After tests, we at HERBALLY RADIANT have found extremely beneficial natural ingredients which have effective healing and anti-aging properties.  The essential oils used in our formulations complement them in beauty enhancing process.

Happily, in the matter of clothing too, organic cotton is being used more widely in apparel and tissue and hygiene as consumers are becoming more aware and well informed about the use of harsh chemicals used in the manufacture, bleaching and coloring of fabrics.  Consumers are getting averse to putting such apparel close to their skin.

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