Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Proper hair care is integral part of any beauty regime. There have been all kinds of tips from hair care and beauty care specialists. While some experts do not advise shampooing was every day, others recommend washing hair with shampoo whenever one feels doing that.
Most of us are well trained to lather, rinse and repeat. Instead of the traditional shampoo-and-conditioner routine, many experts say we should be co-washing more — short for conditioner-only washing — embracing a little grease and letting our hair’s natural oils do their job.
As Juliette Dallas-Feeney of Birchbox says, “Your hair needs to produce natural oils, and  if you wash it too much, you can strip your hair of them. And if you don’t wash your hair enough, it can do the same thing because of product buildup. Your scalp can get yucky and gross.” She feels training your hair to need less frequent washing depends on the texture of your hair, and dry shampoo might be the best solution for women with thinner hair or those who work out regularly.
On the other hand, Amy Abramite of Maxine Salcon in Chicago, advises that one should should wash hair whenever one needs. In her words, “If you’re exercising or your scalp is oily, and you need to do so daily, that’s fine. If you can go a few days without, great.”
Of course, it also depends on other factors like cold or dry winter season or humid summer days. The shampooing could  be fine tuned to one’s need.
Some of the facts that one needs to keep in mind are that shampoos are suitable both for color-treated and highlighted hair. The hydrating shampoo is  most desirable for frizzy and curly hair. It hydrates and moisturizes hair, thus increasing its manageability.
At Herbally Radiant we specialize in lavender-based herbal shampoos. These shampoos formulated with natural ingredients, are designed to clear the residue left by other hair products like hair oils, styling gels, hair sprays, etc. but these do not deposit any oily residue or silicones, that one finds in chemical-based shampoos.
The aloe based Lavare Shampoo, with 78% organic content, and Lavender Essential Oils is a gentle foaming clear delicate shampoo with a calming soothing effect. The added Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5 make this an ideal solution for luscious, ultra-lightweight exotic blend of hair, balancing all hair types as it adds fullness and body, while gently cleansing and strengthening the hair root.

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