Thursday, October 15, 2015


                A facial patch developed by Finnish company Neurotar has been tested by the VTT Research Center, that is reported to have found that after 2-weeks’ usage of the patch, laced with skin serum, 90% increase in collagen growth was noticed.
                The collagen fibers make the skin supple and help reduce appearance of lines and other age related signs. Perhaps the cosmetic company had obviously realized that most of the pharma-based formulations remain on the dermis, as a thin layer, despite repeated applications. This is mainly because most of the chemical and synthetic ingredients are just not designed to penetrate deep into the skin, and create the effects advertised glamorously in the marketing campaigns.
 However, with our 40-year experience in herbal organic formulations, our R&D team (Herbally Radiant) has been using rich herbal organic ingredients in unique age-defying formulations (Rejuvenating and Radiant), that quickly penetrate into the epidermis (deeper layer of skin) and get fully absorbed by the skin.  The rich nutrients thus fed to the  dermis and epidermis, create amazingly beautifying  results.
In our experience of manufacturing beauty products, we have witnessed how not many ingredients, especially the chemical and synthetic ones, cannot penetrate deeper into the skin due to the nature of their composition.  On the other hand, the herbal extracts combined with Essential Oils act as most skin-friendly elements, creating  long lasting effect and keeping the skin adequately hydrated, supple and bright.

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