Thursday, October 8, 2015


There are increasing reports that more people are opting for plastic surgery, or non-surgical procedures, even by borrowing money to meet the expenses. Many professionals, including men in their 70’s and 80’s, are feeling the urge for plastic surgery to keep youthful appearance, and to stay in work force,  treating such procedures as anti-retirement expense.
The new trend to look beautiful is boosting the plastic surgery business, estimated currently at around $10.1 billion annually. More than 91% women are lured by the glamorous ‘quick fixes’ promised by the industry.  Even young women in the age group of 19-34, are going in for liposuction.
However, many physicians have expressed concern at the flip side of face-lift, neck lift, botox treatment and fat grafts. Interviewed by Forbes, they felt that the ‘perfection seekers’ might not grasp the gravity or the potential risks involved :
1.Every surgical procedure carries the possibility of new problems – even potential deformities.
2.Botox injections may paralyze certain facial muscles, causing other active muscles to appear “odd”, and repeated botox injections can damage skin cells.
3.Women who suction fat from their thigh and lower abdomen destroy their fat cells as well, and when they regain weight, the fat distributes unevenly – even to less flattering areas like upper abdomen, back and arms.
4.Many a times, plumped lips, after the surgery,  may make a normal sized nose suddenly appear obtrusive or less than proportional, needing further corrections.
5.Persons who already feel insecure about any aspect of their appearance, may suffer a much more severe blow to their confidence when the surgery goes awry.
6.Those persons who borrow money for the initial surgery, may face financial devastation in the case of unexpected costs of additional procedure, or necessary follow-up required by the plastic surgeon.
With our long 40-year plus experience in the beauty and health business, we at Herbally Radiant firmly believe that the safest way to treat your body and face, in the best manner possible, is to stay away from any harsh chemicals or synthetic-mixed preparations, as also from the so-called beauty procedures like face or neck-lift, liposuction, botox treatment or other surgical experiment with skin that are being marketed so glamorously, most of the time in total disregard to the actual benefits to consumers.
It is, therefore, worth keeping note of that nature is the best cosmetologist, rather an expert chemist! The versatile natural ingredients, with their amazing curative properties, enhance beauty of skin most effectively with longer lasting results. Body’s response to organic substances is extremely friendly. These substances can even be categorized under cosmetology terms: cleansers, toners, tonics, nourishers, fresheners, astringents, humectants and so on.
In our tests, we have seen that natural ingredients have preventive, protective and even corrective properties; many promote skin’s capacity to absorb, thus allowing better penetration of nutrients.
Skin problems arise out of imbalances in the acid-alkaline, or the oil-moisture contents of the skin. When we use harsh cleansers, we upset the natural acid-alkaline balance, or cause a depletion of moisture. Herbal extracts contain natural enzymes which help to cleanse the skin of dead cells, while, at the same time, preventing imbalances.
There is huge variety of available natural ingredients, and our R&D team has the expertise of distinguishing the right ingredients which are actually preservatives, which are hardening agents (that can be used as bases for face masks), which are excellent emulsifiers and which possess the most effective curative properties in revitalizing the skin, reducing lines, wrinkles and preventing aging signs .
Considering the safety, cost and efficacy of different options, one would therefore strongly recommend the herbal organic formulations as the best way to go forward. 

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