Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Latest trend in beauty market shows growing consumers’ preference for a wellness focus to inspire seamless and holistic beauty lifestyle. They regard Health, Beauty and Wellness as an integrated approach for overall wellbeing. This healthy approach, of course, greatly helps in anti-aging process, preventing appearance of premature signs of lines and wrinkles.

In this context, it would be useful to go through following beneficial tips in skin care procedures, including maintaining young and beautiful appearance :

Health of skin is vital for overall wellness. Just as body needs right nutrients to remain in good shape, so does the skin. In day to day life, we feed ourselves mainly with processed foods which might contain many toxins and therefore accelerate aging. Applying on skin toxins in the form of cosmetics also impacts adversely on our skin. We have therefore been promoting organic way of protecting and enhancing one’s health and beautiful appearance.

Following specific advisory offers useful tips :

1.       Eat food with antioxidants (Blueberries, Raspberries, Nuts, Grapes, Green Tea) and fresh vegetables and fruits.
2.      Plenty of water to keep skin well hydrated which will prevent wrinkle-formation.
3.      Prefer organic food which does not contain any kind of toxins.
4.      Use only natural organic skin products, depending upon the type of your skin.
To address special skin disorder, use products with aloe vera, calendula, witch hazel tea tree, rosewater as toner. One can get these in specially combined formulation from online store of Herbally Radiant (
5.      Do not use soap which contain sulfate; instead use organic face cleanser.
6.      Since antioxidants play important role for good skin, vitamin C should be taken adequately.
7.      Avoid sugary diet which tends to damage collagen and elastin, causing lines and wrinkles.
8.     Deal with stressful situations with calm and relaxed mind. Follow meditation practice.
9.      Enjoy adequate sleep.
10.  Regular workouts which help increase blood circulation and release of toxins.
11.   Use sun screen in winter as well.

These are not exclusive, and can be supplemented where necessary.

Herbally Radiant physician is also available for further consultation on any skin related problem, or for advice on planning the best beauty care regime.


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