Tuesday, May 19, 2015


More and more awareness about the efficacy of plant-based ingredients in beauty products  is influencing consumers, especially in younger age group, who are now preferring  plant stem cells to traditional ingredients like retinol (Vitamin A) for their products. (Retinol is routinely used by manufacturers to improve facial tone and texture, in their antiaging products.)
According to latest studies, dermal stem cells have the ability to different into fibroblasts that produce collagen and elastin proteins which are essential for skin elasticity and resilience. For the manufacturers, plant stem cells, being natural, enhance their environment friendly credentials.  The use of plant cell extracts like jasmine (Gardenia Jasminoides) and raspberry (Rubus idaeus) in beauty products is increasingly steadily, reflecting consumer’s awareness for natural botanical ingredients in cosmetics.
The statistics reveal that the percentage of facial care products with stem cell increased from 1% in 2010 to 3% in 2014. The number of consumers in France and Germany preferring the plant-based ingredients is showing steady rise.
In line with this natural trend, organic oils like hip oil, strawberry seed  oil, hemp oil, sandalwood oil and Moroccon argan oil are also finding wider acceptance from consumers.  Prominent players like MayaChia, Church & Dwight, Glides Away have entered the market with new products containing some of these oils.
Talking of oils, it would be worth noting that HerballyRadiant has launched a wonderful serum (Perfection) which contains Grapeseed oil, Argan oil, Santalum Spicatum oil, Pink Grape fruit oil, Citrus Paradis oil, Citrus Bergania oil. A fine blend of these essential oils makes immediate transformation of the skin, its texture, natural glow and attractive youthful appearance. Packed in 1 oz bottle with special dropper for economic use, Perfection serum is just amazing; its pure restorative anti aging formulation with richness of antioxidant oils.
Available through online (shop.herballyradiant.com)  at $ 33.90 (shipping free), the top of the range Perfection serum is more effective as compared to other brands, yet quite economical in use and price.  

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