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Our bodies are in the continuing process of aging.  The pace of aging varies according to the DNA map. Aging involves our whole being – it’s biological, physical, psychological and cultural process. Our immune system becomes less efficient and weakens. The connective tissue in our skin produces more collagen than elastin, so there is less elasticity in our skin. Free radicals also take their toll on various cells which adversely impact on skin.  

We are now aware of the factors that speed up the process of aging, especially of the skin. Each of the factors that have damaging effect on skin can be attended to in a variety of ways. These can be identified in each case and the causes that lead to damage or premature aging of skin can be eliminated. 

There are indeed thousands of skincare products in the market, all claiming to bring age-defying benefits, though most of the consumers have experienced that vast majority of them have no effect in reducing the aging appearance. It is mainly the glamorous marketing and lofty unverifiable claims that tend to influence many customers initially. Most of them do not display the actual ingredients on their label, leaving the customers at the mercy of their selling techniques. 

With our long experience in herbal organic cosmetics, we have found some of the best plant ingredients that are extremely beneficial to the skin and are effective in maintaining the natural health of the skin. We have identified  most effective ingredients from extracts of plants, flowers and herbs to create amazing effect on skin.  These special formulations launched by Herbally Radiant have helped large number of our customers in preventing or reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, firming up skin and dealing with uneven skin tone or age spots. 

At Herbally Radiant, we recognize the fact that ultimately anti-aging regime is aimed at looking younger with revitalized and bright skin. The herbal ingredients that we have chosen to include in our anti-aging range of products (Rejuvenating and Radiant), have, in fact, been used in beauty formulations for centuries in different places, and their efficacy and reliability needs no further reiteration. 

We have especially focused on those organic ingredients which are high in antioxidants as well as have anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties. The success of any anti-aging product is well reflected in brighter complexion of skin which retains adequate moisture and looks well nourished.
Some of the best natural organic ingredients in good anti-aging products are :-

1.      Essential Oils: There many types; and these are very effective when combined with compatible ingredients for the best results.

2.      Chamomile. This wonderful herb has clinically proven anti-inflammatory and repairing properties. It neutralizes skin irritants, is antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic, while, at the same time, preventing deterioration of skin cells. 

3.   Lavender. Much like Chamomile, it is also immensely beneficial to skin, being anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial, healing any wound or damage to skin, stimulating cellular growth and regeneration. Lavender leaves are rich in silica (mineral) content and can strengthen connective tissues. It is, therefore, among the most effective natural ingredients in skincare products. 

4.   Green Tea. This wonderful drink also offers many benefits. With powerful antioxidants, it is effective in anti-aging formulations. Its main compound is catechin which has been shown to protect cells from free radicals, which also provide UV protection and improve the appearance and hydration of skin. 

5.   Rose and rosehip.  Both rose petal extract and rosehip extract are well known for their anti-aging properties. Rose oil is found helpful for ensuring adequate moisturization and maintaining efficient process of regeneration. Rose petals and rose buds are beneficial to all skin types, and have been used for centuries in beauty formulations.   

6.  Horsetail (equisetum arvense). This ancient herb is described as soothing, healing and softening. The plant has a rich silica (mineral) content and can strengthen connective tissue. Horsetail is said to provide a healthier skin tone and regenerate the skin. It is also said to absorb the most gold from the soil than any other plant (minute amounts) so this herb is precious in many different ways.

      These are only few of the powerful herbs which are immensely useful in preparing wonderful beauty formulations. There are hundreds of other powerful herbs and plants which also provide amazing results in preventing premature appearance of lines, wrinkles and spots. It might not be possible to enumerate each of them.  However, it is advisable to understand their properties and application while planning age-defying beauty care.

      A good alternative would be to try the anti-aging Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer and Mask which were launched by Herbally Radiant in 2010. With a fine combination of special natural ingredients and essential oils, these have received excellent reviews from our customers (see ‘customer reviews’ at www.

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