Friday, November 7, 2014


The news that the US city of Berkeley in California has voted in favour of a tax on sugary drinks, the first specifically targeting soda consumption in the US, supported by about two-thirds of voters, has been welcomed by health experts and many activist groups. 

The vote was being watched across the US, in large part because the drinks industry reportedly spent millions of dollars fighting the taxes.

Berkeley is to levy a one-cent per ounce tax on sugary beverages, a move that supporters say will reduce consumption and battle obesity and diabetes.

There have been about 30 previous attempts to introduce a soda tax in US states and cities, all of which failed.

Supporters hope that the Berkeley breakthrough will send a message to the rest of the country.
"What the soda industry is worried about is momentum, you win one and it makes it easier to win the next one and the next one," said Michael Roberts, executive director of the Resnick Program for Food Law & Policy at UCLA Law School.

All those supporting organic and eco-friendly products are welcoming this initiative. Besides leading to obesity and diabetic disorders, the sugary soda drinks also impact adversely on the skin cells. We advise consumers to drink more water to keep the skin well hydrated, especially during the winter. However, the sugary drinks are not good substitute for this purpose. Plain water at regular intervals will benefit your skin much more in the most natural manner.

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