Saturday, November 8, 2014


More counterfeit cosmetic products are being detected by authorities. In the latest report issued by the Physicians Coalition for Injectable Safety and the Partnership for Safe Medicines, it is revealed that 46 people in 16 States have been recently prosecuted for allegedly buying or selling non-FDA approved cosmetic formulations intended to be passed off as injectable cosmetic treatments.

Many counterfeit products with top brand names are already selling in the market; many of these being marketed through online suppliers. The illicit trade in counterfeit cosmetics is growing rapidly outside US as well.  For example, in Latin America, such illegal market is estimated to reach $ 300 million by 2021. The spokesperson of Millennium Research Group has also warned that these unapproved products may pose significant health risks.  She hopes that reports of adverse activities will act as deterrant for patients seeking facial injectable treatments.

As in other areas, in beauty industry also the consumers need to satisfy themselves about the safety and reliability of the products they intend to purchase.  Besides the counterfeit products, one also needs to go through the labeling, ingredients, precaution, if any, for particular skin type, as well as any potential side-effect.

After years of experience in manufacturing beauty and skin care products, we have found that the natural plant-based cosmetic items act most naturally on the skin, and have excellent record of safety and reliability. The herbal organic beauty products offer amazing nutrients to the skin, especially in the case of aging skin, or sensitive skin type.

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