Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Another important recommendation by the Federal Institute of Risk Assessment (BfR) of Germany has come out that limits should be imposed on the use of aluminium in antiperspirant deodorants and other cosmetics.  After detailed tests, BfR found the levels of dermal intake of aluminium salts from antiperspirant deodorants at around 0.5ug which it says is excessive  in the use of antiperspirants, and should therefore be avoided. 

BfR is the top watch dog agency which constantly examines and recommends safe levels of various ingredients in consumer products available in German and European markets.  It recommended in the past removal of harmful chemical substances from large number of consumer products, including shampoos, lipsticks, sunscreens and other beauty care products.

It is a welcome step towards promoting use of healthy skin care products.  Germany at present is the largest market for natural beauty products which is growing steadily at around 9 per cent over the past few years.



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