Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Eliminating dead skin allows for new skin cells to form and rids skin of impurities, buildup and clogged pores. It's an easy step for youthful, healthy skin and all skin types will benefit from this (especially oily skin). Beauty experts suggest that exfoliating should become part of your skin care regimen in your early '20s and should be done once to twice a week, and into your '30s, aim for two to four times a week.

One can use a good face scrub. It will cleanse the skin deeply, dislodging build-up in the pores and helping to break up white heads. It also smoothens and refines the skin’s texture, giving it a soft, supple look.  Lastly, it enhances blood flow to the face, creating the appearance of a fresh glow.
To start with, follow scrubbing twice a week, preferably before going to bed. Just splash warm water onto skin and then gently exfoliate, using upward, circular motions. Some people make the mistake of using heavy pressure with hands.  That is not necessary; gentle scrubbing lets exfoliating particles do their job.  You just facilitate the glide across the face so that your skin feels refreshed and smooth.  Please make sure that the tiny particles in the scrub are well rounded for right effect. 

You can see if you have frail capillaries, in which case applying a face oil prior to using your scrub will act as an extra layer of protection for your skin. In the case of very sensitive skin, or if you notice any redness, it might be better to exfoliate facial skin once a week.

Now in some spas, exfoliating brushes have also become available. You have to be cautious if use of such brushes lead to any skin reaction.  Otherwise, gentle scrubbing with hands is equally effective and convenient.

After a while, you can wash off the exfoliant from face with warm water which can be followed by gentle patting of face with a towel to dry it up. Now comes the role of a good moisturizer and/or anti-aging serum. There could be some dryness after the scrubbing and the skin would be in a good position to absorb any rich nutrients it gets.  One can apply a skin friendly moisturizer, or good serum which will work on your skin while you go to sleep. 

After a great deal of testing with many organic compounds, HERBALLY RADIANT has come up with most effective natural exfoliating scrubs to give gentle treatment to face.  Of special importance is the CLEAN range Scrub which is a boon to those suffering from skin disorders like acne or other sensitive spots. Such skin types need very gentle exfoliant product and CLEAN Scrub does a fine work to restore affected skin to healthy shape.


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