Monday, August 22, 2016


Staying slim and in healthy shape contributes to overall beauty of a person, and diet of natural food helps greatly, just as do the natural ingredients to skin that we at Herbally Radiant promote..
Very often those striving hard to lose extra weight, spending time and energy on work-outs and money on products touted as ‘slimming’ supplements expect quicker results. As with general nourishing foods, that improve health over time, food supplements like fruits, juices, vegetables, nuts, take time to create desired results.
Similarly, weight loss program in the form of regulated diet and daily physical work out, also needs to be followed, and sustained, over a long time. Latest research proves the long held view that our bodies actually constantly resist weight loss. Thus, any conscious let up in weight loss program is most likely to reverse the process.
The journal ‘Obesity’ study makes important point that while dieting, we reduce our resting metabolic rate, which lowers the number of calories we burn when we are not doing much. The research team, therefore, warns that keeping weight off requires “vigilant combat against metabolic adaption”.
Proving the point, the  study followed 14 participants of the US version of the TV show “The Biggest Loser”. The researchers found that, after six years, all but one of the contestants in their study had regained weight.
Before the competition, the group burned a daily average of 2,600 calories at rest, but this fell to around 2,000 calories a day when it finished. Six years later, instead of creeping back up to its normal level, their resting rate had slowed further to 1,900 calories a day. On average, the resting metabolic rate was 500 calories a day less than you would expect for the age and body composition of the person. So, the contestants had to eat less to stay at their lower weight. While researchers knew that dieting reduces the resting metabolic rate to save energy, this study shows how savagely your body subverts weight loss.
The solution lies in regularly monitoring the metabolic adaption rate. Somehow, the body resets to a new normal weight and the resting metabolic rate doesn’t fall. In other words, being vigilant about what we eat, and building up muscle mass (which is lost with age) through aerobic exercise and strength training are the only ways to fight back. Our resting metabolic rate determines only a proportion of our energy expenditure. If we burn off more calories than we eat, we will obviously lose weight. Reducing calories intake by 20% and doing moderate daily exercise for half an hour will help keep weight off.

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