Monday, August 15, 2016


We have been advocating increasing awareness of the advantages of natural and clean skin care products. Herbally Radiant was therefore happy to learn from the recent reports about the rising trend of wellness that is influencing the clean beauty brands.
At the recent Clean Beauty industry event in London, there was enthusiastic response to the natural herbal skin care formulations. The co-founder of Clean Beauty, Dominika, rightly observed that if we are being conscious of what we are eating – eating clean and making sure we are not consuming anything processed – then not following the same pattern when it comes to putting clean healthy products on skin will be just half the story.
This trend is driven mainly by the rise of similar consumer emphasis on naturals and organics in the food industry. Beauty industry is also now following same track – preference for wonderful natural herbal formulations to protect skin and enhance its beautiful appearance.
Recent Mintel data show that nearly 47% of consumers consider “free from chemicals” as the main preference when it comes to natural cosmetics.  Most of the consumers in Europe enthusiastically respond to such natural products which are formulated without parabens.
With up to 95% organic content of Herbally Radiant’s beauty products, made with USDA certified ingredients, its consumers have responded with excellent reviews the immense benefits of plant based nutrients to rejuvenate skin. Its products are free from chemicals and any kind of parabens.

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