Monday, August 29, 2016


Michele Hanson writing in the Guardian makes an important point about actress Courteney Cox attempting to fight back aging.  Advising on the the impact of aging on appearance and facing it as a natural phenomenon, she says, “I’m not quite sure what’s she’s (Courteny Cox)  tried, she’s been a bit cagey about it, admitting only to the sort of mistake that “dissolves and goes away”, but apparently the  word has been taking about “her ever-changing appearance – bigger lips, wrinkle-free forehead, the works”. …
Michele adds: “She looked fine to me. No calamitous sausage-lips or balloon bosoms; no stretched, stuck-in-a-wind-tunnel face. Whatever she has done must have been fairly modest, and she could presumably afford not to go to any quacks, because cosmetic surgery can be a dangerous game. .. But most importantly Cox has decided to stop “trying to keep up with getting older … [and just] let it be”. This is a lesson for us all, because there’s nothing we can do about it, and the sooner we stop being repulsed by old age, the better.”
Those supporting natural way of living agree with Michele that looking gracefully aging is a process that should boost self-confidence. With age comes maturity and wisdom which in turn gets reflected in our overall appearance and our conduct.
However, a multi-billion dollar industry has come up that is constantly painting negative aspect of naturally aging process,  in order to sell the so-called anti-aging creams, lotions, serums and surgical procedures, including botox, dermal fillers. Selling such products and services is backed by glamorous advertising, promising instant results, making unverifiable claims of turning skin overnight into a bewitching shape that would banish aging signs and so on.
We at Herbally Radiant have been advising our customers to exercise caution whenever they happen to come across too-good-to-be true claims. Many a times, one comes across in the media so-called “new studies” or “researches” by skin specialists or “experts”, or a “new finding” in Europe or elsewhere referring to a wild plant in Africa, or something in sea algae to back a particular cosmetic product. Most of these stories are planted frequently by the industry and advertising agencies to grab larger share of growing market.
The R&D team at Herbally Radiant, having more than 40 years’ experience in herbs and natural ingredients used in skin-care formulations, has not been able to find a magic formula or ingredient which could reverse the aging signs on skin. However, it feels that by using skin-friendly natural ingredients, the skin gets boost and remains healthy. By blending some herbs with Essential Oils, it has launched fine cleansers, moisturizers, toners and serums with high natural content, that amazingly delay onset of premature aging signs.

So, the best option would be to take care of skin, whether you are young or aging, by staying away from harsh chemical ingredients, choosing naturally nourishing formulations and staying away from dreams that many beauty industry players are selling in one form or the other.

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