Wednesday, June 29, 2016


New York Times has a timely write-up by Gretchen Reynolds today on the adverse impact of environmental chemicals on health.
Gretchen has tried to explain the health risks of Phthalates (THAL-ates) that are a class of chemicals used as solvents and fixatives. Found today in a boggling array of everyday products, from food containers to shampoos and perfume, cosmetics and other personal-care products, they are virtually ubiquitous in the environment and in our bloodstreams.
In 2003, researchers at the US Center for Disease Control documented widespread exposure to a high level of phthalates across the general American public. The chemicals act as binding agents.
Both because of their ubiquitous usage and because they are not listed on product labels, phthalates are next to impossible to avoid. They are in household items (vinyl flooring), personal care products (hair care, body wash, cosmetics), fragrance, household cleaners, and food.
While promoting natural organic skin care products and cosmetics, Herbally Radiant has been raising awareness about the harmful chemical ingredients used in most of the cosmetics. Unfortunately, the labels or packaging of most of these products do not display the harsh chemicals which pose health risks.
There have also been misleading marketing campaigns which do not help consumers to exercise right choice.  Consumers can take matters into their own hands by avoiding products packaged and labeled with attractive claims of instant beautifying effect, without naming their chemical ingredients, or with vague ingredients like “fragrance” or “wrinkle repairer” and so on.
More and more chemical varieties are being experimented with by leading cosmetic manufacturers. Due to lax regulations, the focus of the industry is on capturing wider share of the market even by deceptive unverifiable claims, and less on the health aspect. The R&D team of Herbally Radiant has been monitoring such “new” products, and has yet to find a safe chemical formulation that could enhance beauty, or transform skin overnight.

The herbal organic skin care and cosmetic products being manufactured by Herbally Radiant, since 2010, contain only USDA certified organic ingredients which do create amazing effect on young or mature and dry or oily skin, as the reviews left by satisfied customers on its website would confirm.  

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