Thursday, June 23, 2016


Recent market surveys and reports in consumer publications, along with the latest research study by Mintel, confirm that more and more women are showing awareness about long term health of their skin.  The share of natural beauty products is therefore growing as reflected in all the market surveys conducted in recent years.
Mintel team reveals that it is mild, natural and anti-pollution products that are gaining more ground. It says that trusted and easily recognizably ingredients greatly alleviate health concerns of consumers about harsh and potentially harmful chemicals and polluting elements.
Confirmed by other surveys it is evident that more and more consumers are embracing healthy and holistic living. This trend is boosting the growth of anti-aging facial skin care market as well.  The demand for formulations with organic ingredients has shown steady rise over the past many years. This is in line with the positive response of the customers to Herbally Radiant’s products that are manufactured with USDA certified organic ingredients.  The number of women consumers, who have settled  for its amazingly skin-friendly organic anti-aging formulations: Rejuvenating and Radiant range, has grown steadily. The Mintel report shows that 85% consumers are keen to use products formulated with Vitamin ‘C’, 78% are interested in fruit based ingredients while 76% would prefer honey based ingredients.
Another marketing trend that we at Herbally Radiant feel happy about is that more than 82% women prefer to follow social media trend. Earlier, it was left to the celebrities to influence choice of consumers - more a marketing strategy than of real benefit to the consumers. Women now are more discerning; they will learn about the ingredients and try out different products before finding something that works for them.
In the recession-proof beauty industry, the skin care segment has 24% market share; the total market is estimated at $ 56.2 billion. In immediate future, the skin care segment of the industry is estimated to grow to about $ 11 billion by 2018.

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