Tuesday, September 9, 2014


In a recent article in Newsweek magazine refers to the presence of harmful chemical ingredient triclosan in toothpaste, soaps, skincare and make-up products. Triclosan is a chlorinated aromatic compound: very basically, two benzene rings linked by an oxygen atom, with three chlorine atoms protruding like spokes, as well as a lone hydroxyl group. 

“Triclosan is 110 percent marketing,” says Michael Osterholm, who heads the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. Osterholm, who helped Minnesota become the first state to ban most uses of triclosan. This compound has been superseded by superior, safer antimicrobial agents.

Earlier this summer, the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology in America, whose mission is to prevent hospital infections, expressed concerns about the potential human and environmental impact of this chemical. Meanwhile, most people are absorbing triclosan whether they know it or not. Triclosan is nearly ubiquitous, easily entering the body by ingestion or through the skin. 

Among the health risks underlined in many studies are: adverse impact impact on the endocrine system; exposure to low levels of triclosan disrupts thyroid hormone-associated gene expression and can alter rate of thyroid hormone-mediated postembryonic .. development; this could make young children, infants and pregnant women especially vulnerable. 

This is yet another scientific finding linking potential health risks to the inclusion of triclosan chemical in skincare or beauty products. HERBALLY RADIANT has, therefore, been highlighting the adverse impact which many chemical-based cosmetic products currently being marketed aggressively, could have on the skin. On the other hand, there are hundreds of herbs and plant extracts which nourish and maintain the skin in the most natural way.  By using selected Essential Oils in combination with powerful natural ingredients, HERBALLY RADIANT has launched more than 76 natural organic beauty products so far, all of which provide the skin the best nutrients it deserves be it for creating anti-aging effect, deal with acne, bloc spots, wrinkles, lines or other skin related disorders. 

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