Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The plant-based beauty products currently available in the market continue to generate buzz in the industry.  The niche players are building up their respective brands in order to secure dominant position in this growing business. At the same time, emerging markets like China and India are pushing forward with their own centuries old natural beauty formulations.

In the race for securing larger share of the market of natural beauty products, the existing pharma brands are also coming up with new products offering beauty benefits in the natural way – their wallet-friendly price points have more consumers investigating the new offerings.
One of the major factors in creating a more favorable consumer trend for natural products has been the fact that there is increased consumer familiarity with certain harsh chemicals that has given rise to many products with “free-from” claims, which have more tangible perceived benefits for consumers.

Going by the current trend, there is now sustained interest in natural and naturally positioned skin care products. This has led to increased availability of the skin-friendly products.  More and more consumers are taking interest in natural cosmetic products which are plant-based and nature-inspired.  Therefore, many established brands are now using thermal water as their key ingredient and are making their products paraben-free.

The trend is more noticeable in Europe where competition is also growing fiercely, resulting in major multinationals launching natural lines and retailers bringing out their own natural private label alternatives. In France, for example, Nuxe and Caudalie brands, natural pharmacy heritage lines, have not only doubled their sales in their home country, but also increased their availability across Europe and the US.  Both these brands are also reported to be the potential targets for acquisition for large, premium-focused players.

In short, consumers are taking deeper interest into the ingredients of the beauty products they use. Now they are more aware of the products which are plant-based but not organic and those products which combine the benefits of natural and high-tech results.  

At HERBALLY RADIANT we are always engaged in promoting use of natural organic skin care products. Some of the top anti-aging ranges launched by us, namely RADIANT and REJUVENATING (for different skin types) have proved to be increasingly popular and are now in good demand.   HERBALLY RADIANT supports all initiatives aimed at creating awareness among consumers of the harsh pharma-based beauty products, especially being marketed by on-line companies, which might have potentially harmful effect on skin.  Health of skin is essential in the interest of general fitness. 

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