Friday, September 5, 2014


There have been reports that bio tech firms are working hard on human genome cloud based genetics for cosmetic applications.  They are applying DNA detection technology and predict that soon an individual's genetic code will be able to reveal if the body has the propensity to hang on to collagen.  If their efforts succeed, a simple on-the-spot saliva sample test would be able to detect the genetic signature in the DNA which will help match customer's skin care to the her genetics.

In this regard, we would like to highlight the fact that according to the already available current expertise and knowledge of different skin types, it is possible to provide skin with most appropriate care and beauty items.  At HERBALLY RADIANT we have been providing free consultation to our customers by our in-house physician and after examining the skin and analyzing the skin-related problems, been dispensing most effective formulations.

The products currently available do contain such organic ingredients which have been in use for centuries in different parts of the world. Their efficacy and safety is, therefore, historically well established. Our R&D unit has combined the natural ingredients with certain Essential Oils which render them more effective and powerful.  Thus advantage to the customer is: free consultation, safe and effective beauty enhancement products which are less expensive than the chemical-based products being marketed by many companies.


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