Monday, October 2, 2017


While following the latest efforts to prevent aging among humans, Herbally Radiant came across a very good piece in BBC's Health Edition by Peter Allison.

Describing the history of anti-aging efforts by scientists and physicians since late 19th century, Peter explains how life expectancy in US has gone up from 40 in 1850 to 78 now.  However, the efforts are on to raise this level of lifespan.

There are some possible pharmaceutical treatments that may not only protect against aging, but actually reverse the effects of aging itself. But despite massive advances in health science, there is still a limit to how long the human body can go on.

Much of the current medical research is not about living longer, but rather living healthier for longer, and delaying infirmity. One should remember that rejuvenation treatments may address the physical aspects of aging, but they do not address the mental and neurological elements, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. That being said, the number of reported cases of dementia is reducing. “One theory is that just as we keep our bodies active our bodies tend to decline slower, so there is an argument that as we keep our mental activities higher maybe we ward off dementia,” says Harper.

Another aspect to us living longer and healthier lives is that our chronological age becomes increasingly meaningless when defining our lives. There are now 40-year-old women who are giving birth for the first time, as well as other 40-year-old women who are becoming grandmothers. Despite their shared age, their lives have little in common.

I think part of being human is that we have a finite life and that we pace our lives, as has been suggested by Harper. “It is far better to put all our resources into having everyone living long and healthy lifespans, rather than having a few people to live into the far future.”

The point of interest for the R&D team of Herbally Radiant is that living a healthy life is more important than just prolonging a life that is no longer in good shape. The rejuvenating of skin is quite crucial from this point. No chemicals experimented by scientists on the skin have so far have turned old aging skin into a fresh one. These have not removed the wrinkles, lines and spots which appear with the aging process. 

However, it goes to the credit of those experts who experimented with the natural organic elements to come up with amazing formulations that are able to delay aging signs on the skin. Herbally Radiant has been using these formulations in its powerful anti-aging products that are chemical-free and contain the best natural ingredients that are most skin-friendly and create a bright skin, adding to the facial beauty.  

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