Thursday, June 15, 2017


They hope that the new drug might prevent skin cancer and even slow the appearance of aging.
The drug is rubbed into the skin to skip the damage and kick-start the process of making melanin and will create tanning appearance.

It is a markedly different approach to fake tan, which "paints" the skin without the protection from melanin, sun beds, which expose the skin to UV light or pills that claim to boost melanin production but still need UV light.

Stopping UV damage could have an extra boon beyond cancer - slowing the appearance of aging.
Dr Fisher's final piece of promise for the research is: "Many people would say the obvious and most dramatic sign of aging is what skin looks like and even casual UV damage over the years causes damage. He adds, "medically it is very difficult to focus on, but if it is tremendously safe then it could keep skin healthier for longer."

Of course, a lot more research has to be done before this sort of technology can be used on humans. However, it should be noted that the drug is meant for external application on the skin to make it look tanned, healthier and prevent aging signs. The R&D team of Herbally Radiant has reservations whether the color and shape of skin can be changed without any side effect by the new drug. External application of the drug might necessitate frequent rubbing it on the skin without altering the molecules of the epidermis.  In that sense, it would be like botox treatment of the skin which needs to be repeated often and is known to have caused irreparable damage to the skin.

What organic natural ingredients that Herbally Radiant uses in its anti-aging formulations are designed to help the skin from within which is the safest and time-tested procedure. These natural formulations are inexpensive and skin-friendly and are known to have created an amazing effect as the anti-aging procedure.  In particular, the Radiant and Rejuvenating range of anti-aging products launched by Herbally Radiant nearly seven years ago have established themselves as the best brand for anti-aging skin care regime.


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