Monday, June 19, 2017


At Herbally Radiant we have been highlighting the importance of good health which complements good appearance and beauty. Exercising good choice in diet is more crucial because of additives in the processed food, many of which carry potential risks. Emma Deangela’s recent article on unhealthy ingredients in processed meat is very informative.
Deli meat is one such product that is quick and easy to grab for meals, snacks or party trays. It is a naturally low-fat product that many consider a great addition to a “healthy” lifestyle. Unfortunately, typical deli meat contains some ingredients that can be damaging to one’s health, especially if consumed on a regular basis.
The questionable ingredients are:
Carrageenan: used in reduced-fat foods as a fat replacement and to provide a specific “mouth-feel”
Citric acid: used as a preservative and/or a pH control agent
Corn syrup: sweetener derived from corn starch (most likely from GMO corn)
Caramel color: used to color meats—note that this is not considered an “artificial color” so it may still appear on a product that claims to have “no artificial colors” on the package
Gelatin: a form of animal-derived collagen (typically from bovines)
Modified food starch: a starch that is used as a thickener once it has been chemically modified; the source of the starch is not required to be listed
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): used as a flavor enhancer
Phosphates: used as a preservative; considered a “free” phosphate meaning it is readily absorbed in the body, as opposed to naturally occurring phosphates which have only 40-60% bioavailability; a study shows that consuming these phosphates could be fatal to those with kidney disease
Propyl gallate: an antioxidant used to prevent rancidity in rendered fats or pork sausage
Sodium nitrate: a preservative salt and color enhancer often added to jerky, bacon and lunchmeat
Sodium nitrite: a preservative salt and color enhancer similar to sodium nitrate but is also an antioxidant; typically used to cure ham and bacon
Sugar/sucrose: sweetener
Dried whey: used as a binder or extender in meat products like sausage and stews
The danger lies in the fact that it may be easy to think that they are beneficial, but many of these ingredients either have not been studied intensely for their long-term effects on the human body or they have been studied and have been found to be harmful.
The safer alternative is to go in for naturally grown food, or meat that is processed as little as possible and has no added salt and nitrates. Be sure to read the ingredient lists, recognize them and look them up before purchasing.
In brief, there should be no ‘fillers’, no artificial colors, no added flavors, no trans fat and gluten.
Healthy food should then be followed by applying natural skin care formulations. There are regular findings how chemical ingredients cause harmful effects on skin, and cause premature aging. Herbally Radiant has therefore continued making natural organic beauty products from the USDA certified organic ingredients for safety and efficacy.

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