Friday, December 23, 2016


EWG is taking right initiative in urging the new administration to create a science-based regulatory system for cosmetics so that chemicals that have been linked to the serious health problems, including chemicals that disrupt the hormone system, are removed from the market.  
With unverifiable and too-good-to-be true claims, cosmetic products are being marketed without regard to the health of the consumers. Under the 1938 law, FDA has little authority to review chemicals in cosmetics and other personal care products. To date, FDA has only banned or restricted nine chemicals due to safety concerns.
EWG also emphasizes that industry self-regulation of cosmetic chemicals is not sufficient to protect consumers. EWG is, therefore, pressing for revising the existing procedures for safety that should include: FDA review of cosmetic chemicals of concern; Facility registration, ingredient statements, records access, and Good Manufacturing Practices; Adverse event reporting; Greater transparency about cosmetic ingredients, including fragrance chemicals; and adequate resources to review chemicals of concern and to carry out other responsibilities, such as reviewing adverse event reports.
While monitoring on its own, Herbally Radiant has learnt about the presence of the following harmful chemical ingredients that are presently being used in the cosmetic and beauty products :
1.Coal Tar Dyes, 2.Diethanolamine and other ethanolamines, 3. Formaldehyde, and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, 4.Lead and other heavy metals, 4 Parabens, 5. PEG compounds, 6. Petrolatum (mineral oil jelly), 7. Phthalates, 8. Para-Phenylenediamine(PPD), 9. Siloxanes, 10. Sodium Lauryl sulfate (SLS), and 11. Triclosan.

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