Friday, July 8, 2016


The New York Times story today paints encouraging  scenario where major diseases like colon cancer, dementia and heart diseases are waning in wealthy countries with improved diagnosis and treatment facilities.  
Of course, these diseases are far from gone. They still cause enormous suffering and kill millions each year. But it looks as if people in the United States and some other wealthy countries are, unexpectedly, starting to beat back the diseases of aging. The leading killers are still the leading killers —cancer, heart disease, stroke — but they are occurring later in life, and people in general are living longer in good health. Even cases of hip fractures are declining and some reports find nearly 20 per cent decline in dementia incidence per decade, starting in 1977.
A recent American study, for example, reports that the incidence among people over age 60 was 3.6 per 100 in the years 1986-1991, but in the years 2004-2008 it had fallen to 2.0 per 100 over age 60. While heart disease is still the leading cause of death in the United States, killing more than 300,000 people a year, deaths have fallen 60 percent from their peak. The usual suspects: Better treatment, better prevention with drugs like statins and drugs for blood pressure, and less smoking, are, of course, helping drive the trend.
At the same time, other reports do not suggest decline in cases relating to skin disorders  like skin cancer, acne, psoriasis and many others.  According to CDC reports, nearly 13 million people are exposed to harmful chemicals mainly in work related conditions. There are no hard data regarding number of skin disorder cases as a result of exposure to harmful ingredients in the skin care products or cosmetics. These are equally risky as these are not mentioned on the labels of the products, and most of the consumers do not feel immediate adverse impact.
Among the main reasons is the fact of dermal absorption of risky ingredients when these penetrate from the outer surface of the skin both into the skin and into the body. Studies show that absorption of chemicals through the skin can occur without being noticed immediately. These enter the blood stream and cause long term health problems, including skin disorders.
Talking of acne problem, one of the main skin allergy types, Herbally Radiant has found that application of cosmetics with harmful ingredients is among the main reasons.  To help acne sufferers, Herbally Radiant worked on a special formulation for long, and after finding excellent results in tests, launched its CLEAN range Cleanser, Toner and Serum with most effective natural ingredients that are skin-friendly, especially for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Mixing organic ingredients with Tea Tree EO in CLEAN formulations has been an amazing success in finding the best natural beauty product.
Medical experts also recommend healthy diet to supplement the treatment. They advise avoiding, for example, high-glycemic foods. “The high-glycemic diets, or diets loaded with things that turn into sugar quickly, can trigger acne,” Dr. Farris says.  “Chocolate and fried, fatty foods have also been shown to flare acne. Limit foods which have high levels of iodine: iodized salt, fast foods, sea vegetables, kelp tablets, milk and shellfish. Evaluate for food sensitivities, which can  cause flare-ups of acne and need to be avoided,” Dr. Jacknin advises.

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