Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Several studies have established link between chemical ingredients like parabens and the following birth outcomes:  shorter gestational age at birth, decreased birth weight, and increased odds of preterm birth," says Laura Geer, PhD, MHS, associate professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences in the School of Public Health at SUNY Downstate.

The new study by Occupational Health Sciences in the School of Public Health and SUNY Downstate highlights the dangers of such chemical ingredients in skin care products like parabens, triclocarban, orpoyl paraben and other antimicrobial chemicals.

Dr. Laura Geer, Associate Professor at Dept of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, says, "Our latest study adds to the growing body of evidence showing that endocrine-disrupting compounds can lead to developmental and reproductive problems in animals and in humans." She recommends that the safety of use of these chemicals in consumer products should be reassessed.

As an established enterprise for improving skin health and natural organic beauty formulations, Herbally Radiant has been highlighting the health risks of many harmful chemicals in most of the chemical-based products.  Recent reports of Centre for Science and Evironment (CSE) came up with alarming finding that about half of the 73 national (Indian) and international brands of popular cosmetics contain high levels of toxic heavy metals. 

The CSE’s Pollution Monitoring Lab had tested popular fairness creams, lipsticks, anti-ageing creams and lip balms for mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium and nickel.

The tests found mercury in 44% of the fairness creams, chromium and nickel, both carcinogens, in 50% and 43% of the lipstick samples respectively.

Fairness creams Aroma Magic Fairy Lotion, Olay Natural White and Pond’s White Beauty were the top three with high mercury content. Use of mercury in cosmetics is banned. “Mercury is not supposed to be present in cosmetic products. Its mere presence in these products is completely illegal and unlawful,” said  Director General CSE, adding that Mercury is poisonous in any form and the chemical readily absorbs through the skin into the bloodstream.

 Hearts & Tarts-080V, Lancome L’Absolu Nu-204 and MAC So Chaud-A82 had high chromium content.

The top three lipstick brands with high nickel content were Lancome L’Absolu Nu-204, Hearts & Tarts-080V and MAC So Chaud-A82.

Herbally Radiant has been promoting organic natural beauty products as this sector doesn't follow adequate safety procedures, and most of the manufacturers prefer to use cheaper chemical or petro-based ingredients in their products that have long term harmful side effects.  

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