Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The recent article in Medical News Today raises the question whether aging is inevitable and whether the effects of aging can be reversed.

Signs of aging initially appear especially on facial skin. Wrinkles, gray hair, poorer physical and cognitive health are some of the common manifestations of aging. From the point of skin care formulations, it is of special interest to the Herbally Radiant R&D team to learn if there is a new break through to prevent appearance of aging signs.  It is of universal concern and the research studies are coming out frequently pointing to new theories to prevent aging visibility and to keep appearance young.

The multi-billion dollar anti-aging skin care industry, dominating the cosmetic products, is expanding steadily as millennials like to maintain young looks to boost their personality. However, aging is inevitable and increasingly, studies are focusing on strategies that could combat emergence of lines or wrinkles on skin.

Till such a breakthrough is reached, we have to see how to prevent emergence of lines, wrinkles and spots on skin with the help of available cosmetic products in the market. Scientists believe the aging results out of numerous genetic and environmental factors. They have mostly played around with different chemicals to see their effect on skin. Many companies come out with claims of having formulated a new wonderful product to help maintain young looks and beautiful skin.  Unfortunately, such claims invariably remain unsubstantiated and such marketing campaigns fizzling out.

On the other hand, the beauty formulations, with natural plant-based ingredients,  backed with centuries of safety, reliability and effectiveness, are known to have made remarkably long lasting, effect on skin.  Many of these are wonderful with amazing effect to reduce appearance of aging effects. Some of the anti-aging formulations launched by Herbally Radiant (Rejuvenating andRadiant range) have become popular for their amazing effect on all skin types, and are briefly explained again:

Serum:  Herbally Radiantmakes three kinds of Serum, depending upon skin type: Rejuvenating, Radiant and Perfection. These potent serums firm up and tighten the skin with almost immediate effect. Pigmentation and dark spots are two of the most difficult signs of ageing to address, but these potent serums are able to take care of them. The combination of special ingredients in these slows down melanin production and provides antioxidant benefits. 

Cleanser:  We advise our customers, especially with mature skin, to refrain from using usual soaps as they contain sulfate, creating foam and fragrance but leaving skin dry. To remove makeup and other residue from face, one should use Cleansers. The Herbally Radiant cleansers made with natural ingredients do the fine work of gently cleaning the pores, preventing blackheads by controlling the excess flow of sebum thereby protecting the skin from acne, pimples, spots and rashes. These cleansers complement the effect of ingredients in Cream and Serum of the same range.

Toner: The natural toners made to complement the effect of anti-aging serum and cleanser, act as multi-purpose lotions. These texturize and refresh the skin, helping to reduce surface oil and refine the pores. The toners thus prepare the skin to absorb the ingredients of good moisturizers.

Cream:  Both anti-aging creams made by HerballyRadiant (i.e., Rejuvenating and Radiant) are a combination of exotic herbal extracts, based on ancient formula used by royal queens and princesses to moisturize their skin and preserve their beauty. Besides the anti-aging effect they create by improving the appearance of skin surface, these also contain amazing rejuvenating properties, helping to maintain the elasticity of the skin and preserve its youthful quality.

Day Cream: The Body Day Cream is a special formulation of Herbally Radiant. A wonderful tonic for the whole body, especially in winter days when our skin needs an extra boost. It hydrates the complexion effectively and softens scarring over time. This concoction  contains essential vitamins and minerals to keep skin well moisturized and protected.

Eye Cream: Under eye area has very delicate skin, needing special treatment. This highly recommended eye cream tackles dark circles and fine lines without any irritation. The tiniest amount goes a long way, however: sweep it on just at the top of the cheekbone for the best results.

Face Mask: Herbally Radiant has launched three scrubs-masks: Clean Scrub, Pumpkin Mask and turmeric-based mineral face mask.  The mineral face mask, containing turmeric and powerful minerals like kaolin and bentonite clay,  has unique properties; it’s like having a chemical peel without the downtime, detoxifying skin with hibiscus. The Clean face scrub is among the top formulation for sensitive skin type. Pumpkin face mask, a pure plant-based product, can be applied frequently for all skin types.

Silky Primer: This lotion is meant to be used under moisturizer, but  ladies also love using it as a protective base before make-up for added radiance.  Keeps face shining and smooth.

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