Wednesday, March 23, 2016


The Center for Environmental Research and Children’s Health at California University, Berkeley, has released its new finding that teens can lower their exposure to hormone-disrupting chemical ingredients by staying away from conventionally manufactured and marketed pharma-based skin care ingredients. The study warns that teens, and even those with more sensitive skin, should refrain from such formulations which contain parabens, phthalates, sodium laurel sulfates, triclosan and other petroleum based ingredients which have been found to create disruptive hormonal imbalance. 
The new study noted that most of the beauty products presently in the market contain these potentially harmful chemicals; and unfortunately presence of these chemicals are not indicated in the packaging labels of most of the popular cosmetic and skin care products.
The latest study analyzed the urine samples to see the effects of products containing harmful chemicals, comparing them with those obtained after the use of safer products. The effect was immediately noticeable - just 3 days after discontinuing the use of chemical based products.
The study emphasized that “teen girls may be at particular risk since it is time for rapid reproductive development”. The same advice has been offered to other young women. The UC Berkeley researchers hope that with increasing awareness about these potentially harmful skin care products, consumers will be able to make conscious choice, using safer products and avoiding health risks.
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