Monday, January 4, 2016


Humans are creatures of habit. Our habits define our personality and life. As a New Year resolution, many of us try to build up new habits in order to improve our way of life.
As experts in skin care area, Herbally Radiant feels that while making a new resolution, we should take a fresh look at our looks, general appearance and health of skin and embark on a healthy skin care regimen as a good habit.
Forming new habits should is a challenge. As reported by Wendy Wood of Washington Post, Each year, nearly 50 per cent Americans vow to change their behavior: resolving to lose weight (one-third want to slim down every year), get more organized or fall in love. Odds are they won’t succeed. Just 8 percent achieve their New Year’s resolutions. One-quarter give up after first week that is not surprising.
Some tips to succeed in your New Year resolutions are :
1.Strong willpower: 1/3rds of Americans say they lack self-control to accomplish their goals; nearly 1/4th attribute trouble sticking to a diet or to personal character defects such as laziness.
2.Do not expect instant gain: Like Maxwell Maltz, who, in his self-help book, pronounced that you can fix your problems in three weeks, there are many ‘guides’ promising quicker success. In reality, there cannot be any magic number of weeks to form new habits; they are created slowly and steadily with repeated behavior, in most cases, taking up to 70 days to succeed.
For most people, more important than repeating an action for a certain number of days is establishing a routine. Doing something at the same location, or time of day, can help.
3.Realistic goals: Despite flooding of ‘self-help’ books with easy suggestions, it remains a hard fact that getting rid of bad habits can be easier with modifying, or change of our surroundings that can disrupt the cues that activate bad habits.
4.Benefits of new habits: Learning about the benefits of a behavior can help in strengthening resolve, though habits get formed through active follow up over a period of time.
5.Be more mindful about old habits and their associations with your behavior. This will help you to address the root cause more effectively.
6.Make simple plans and monitor regularly the success of new habits to boost your confidence. Staying ahead of your planned schedule will inspire you more. The targets should be measurable and there should be some reward sticking to them.
7.Most of our habits are tied to one another: For example, sleeping and waking time, timeliness or time management. Follow more fruitful strategy by picking habits that reinforce each other.
8.Finally, bear in mind that your New Year resolve should be what you WANT and not what you SHOULD do. What you want to do is more enjoyable and will stick effectively.

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