Wednesday, September 2, 2015


In a recent Green Beauty Barometer survey over 1000 women, conducted by Harris Poll, women have shown healthy preference when it comes to shopping for beauty products.  Larger number of women (59%) like to read the labels first to see if these contain harmful ingredients, and over 40% of them prefer to go in for all natural beauty products.

This follows a growing trend of nourishing skin with natural nutrients.  This is where beauty is going. Consumers are more aware and cautious as ever about chemical ingredients. There is increasing awareness among American consumers that because beauty industry at present is regulated by lax system, many players in this industry are more focused on their profit margins. In the process, use of potentially harmful chemicals and substances, such as parabens, widely banned in other developed countries, is quite common.

The Harris Poll reveals strong choice of growing number of consumers who are demonstrating active healthy life style when it comes to a desire for clean and safe beauty products. The following main highlights of the survey strongly underline this trend :

-nearly 29% women seek to avoid sulfates, 22%  parabens, 18% synthetic fragrances and 15% PEG compounds.

-65% of women  in 35-54 yrs age group claim they read beauty product labels, 63% in 18-34 yrs age group, 55% in 45-55 yrs group and 52% in 55-64 yrs group. Regarding future habits, 39% of women claim they will buy more all-natural beauty products in the next two years than they currently do. The intent to "only purchase" or "purchase more" all-natural products ranked highest for the skin care beauty category (39%), followed by nail care products (33%), fragrance (31%), makeup (20%) and hair care products (18%).

-women in 18-34 yrs group are the most likely to spend more on all-natural beauty products; 44% of women in 35-44 yrs group, 34% in 55-64 yrs and 31% in 45-54 yrs group.

-when asked how important it was to purchase all-natural products among particular beauty categories, skin care came out on top, with 54% of women claiming it is important their skin care product purchases are all natural. This was followed by all-natural hair care at 49%, makeup at 40%, fragrance at 31% and nail care products at 26%.

All Herbally Radiant, products, made in US with USDA certified organic ingredients, are free from parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulfates and other potentially harmful chemical ingredients. Though it reduces the profitability from the commercial angle, but at the end of the day, the consumer is able to get the best deal : healthy, safe and most reliable natural skin care and beauty products which contain powerful organic nutrients to enhance shine and glow of skin, especially its top of the range anti-aging series of products: Rejuvenating and Radiant.

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