Friday, August 28, 2015


Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg claimed on Monday: one in seven people on Earth used Facebook – 1 billion people. One day perhaps seven out of seven people might be hooked on to it. It is a unique revolution dominating people’s relationships, privacy, businesses, news media, helping topple regimes and even changing the meaning of everyday words (like ‘to friend’ or ‘not to defriend’!).
Today, Facebook makes news, breaks news and decides what is news. This platform allows anyone to have hundreds, or even thousands of ‘friends’, get their ‘likes’, their comments. One can be ‘friend’ to many whom one might not have met before, and can just pull the plug anytime to defriend without any adverse fall out.

People are willing to share their personal details: their ages, images, places where they live, e-mail addresses, their interests and their general profile. All this is indeed a minefield of data for the brand builders to target their potential customers in a more focused and fruitful manner.

While Facebook itself earned more than $ 3.32 billion in ad revenue last year, its tools have created millions of jobs which help businesses, political groups, media groups in understanding the pulse of the people, likely consumer trend, how their branding efforts could yield best results,  bringing in more profits, influences and ‘likings’. The data and analytics available through Facebook are extraordinary to all interest groups.
In fact, as is being reported widely, Facebook will continue to boom. There are hundreds of agencies which exist specifically for social media. It’s an entire ecosystem for media, marketing, sales and technology. Facebook has some challenging questions how to handle this all important tool in the best interests of individuals and groups. It has become viral now and would need close responsible monitoring to prevent its abuse or misuse by anyone, whether political parties, businesses or media groups.
Like spreading Arab spring and creating political upheavals elsewhere, Facebook will need to evolve into a responsible global player, always fair and objective, following the best interests of freedom of speech, human rights and democratic principles.

As a small business in manufacturing and distributing herbal beauty products, Herbally has to follow the trend in cosmetics industry which increasingly depends upon the social media. Facebook allows Herbally Radiant to reach out to larger sections of potential customers.  After analyzing the need for genuine natural antiaging skin care formulations, it was able to launch its top of the range products: RADIANT and REJUVENATING, and following the growing number of customers with skin allergy, including acne problems, Herbally Radiant was able to launch its most popular range “CLEAN” to provide the best formulations for these specific customers.   

At Herbally Radiant we find Facebook an increasingly powerful tool, both to reach out to existing and prospective customers with new products as also to analyze the reviews and ‘likes’ of its Facebook page.

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