Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Coinciding with the worldwide commemoration of World Earth Day on June 5, SAVE Interfaith Collaborative of North West Ohio organized a well-attended interactive Seminar on June 6.
 SAVE is dedicated to the fundamental values and principles of international declaration Earth Charter, and has been engaged in local and regional activities to promote awareness and help fulfil the ideals of Earth Charter: (1) Respect and Care for the Community of Life, (2) Ecological Integrity, (3) Social and Economic Justice, and (4) Democracy, Nonviolence and Peace.
The theme of the main Seminar and three break-out Sessions was: “The Fate of Our Earth: an Interfaith Exploration on sustainable Lifestyles”. Keynote speakers included (1) Joe Perlacky, Director of Maumee Growers and Lucas County Sustainability Commission; (2) Al Compaan, University of Toledo Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Physics and Astronomy;  (3) Bryan Ellis, formerly with Toledo Urban Agriculture Oneida Urban Farm; and (4) Beatrice Mirigu. The distinguished speakers, with long academic and practical experience, are well known for their significant contributions towards environmental projects. In their presentations they dealt at length with the practical tips on how to live today’s challenges in areas of Energy, Agriculture and Lifestyles.
The event evoked widespread concern and led to fruitful interactions with experts on questions of mutual concern. In the closing session, several observations and recommendations were made by the participants, highlighting the eco-friendly aspects.
The SAVE Interfaith Collaborative, NOW, is encouraged by the community response to the burning environmental issues and will incorporate the suggestions of the participants in its future action plan, as part of an integrated approach to promoting and fulfilling the objectives of the universal Earth Charter which was adopted by UNESCO and hundreds of civil organizations world over.
As part of its community service, Herbally Radiant feels proud to be associated with the SAVE activities for protection of environment, that are in line with its own natural skin care line of programs.

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