Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Towards safer acne treatment products.

In the light of increasingly aggressive marketing campaigns by some brands for grabbing greater market share of cosmetic products, especially for acne relief, FDA issued a warning this summer to acne brands, which meant those brands doing aggressive marketing should also update their product labeling with fuller information about possible allergic reactions.  FDA is now suggesting that manufacturers should also warn new users to first test new acne products on a smaller area of skin at least 3 days before using it as directed.

In separate reports, many new products coming from China are reported to be carrying chemicals with potential harmful effects.

HERBALLY RADIANT has been campaigning for proper protection of skin with safer formulations. It has, therefore, launched a special herbal organic acne relief product (CLEAN) launched after due testing; it has received excellent reviews from customers - details at www.herballyradiant.com.  The natural organic CLEAN products provide relief from acne and other skin disorders, while, at the same time, nourishing skin with right kind of nutrients. 

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