Tuesday, December 30, 2014


The aging process of skin due to sun exposure is of special concern to all of us, and we are testing different combinations of ingredients to create product which would prevent or help slow down the adverse impact of sun exposure on skin.

In recent scientific tests, it was found that by blocking the activity of Granzume B in certain areas, fewer wrinkles on skin of mice were seen, despite their repeatedly being exposed to wrinkle-inducing UV light. Further tests are on; there could emerge side effects from blocking Granzume B activity.

At Herbally Radiant, we have tested the efficacy of avocado with few other herbal ingredients, and have found that avocado oil based formulation in our Body Day Cream has proved to be very effective in preventing skin damage from sun and other pollutants. Combined with aloe juice, grapeseed oil, shea butter, witch hazel and extract of white willow bark, this unique formulation in Body Day Cream provides best protection from other external factors, while, at the same time, keeping skin adequately moisturized in this winter season. Priced at

$ 12.90, 4 oz jar, the cream is good both for body and face. (Free shipping on order for 2 jars.)


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