Thursday, May 8, 2014


Huffington Post piece by Amanda has important message that quitting smoking is no hurdle in maintaining weight loss.  Some people may be hesitant to kick the habit because of the prospect of weight gain as suggested by the study of International Journal of Clinical Practice.

Besides the issue of weight loss, Herbally Radiant has been raising awareness of the harm smoking causes to the skin, wearing it out prematurely.  Quitting smoking has immense direct and indirect benefits, ranging from overall physical fitness to general wellbeing.
In the latest study, researchers asked the participants about past instances where they may have tried to quit smoking and gained weight in the process, as well as whether they were afraid of gaining weight when quitting in the future. 

The fear of weight gain from quitting was equal among the treatment-seekers and the treatment-avoiders. However, past weight gain during a quit attempt seemed to influence the desire of smokers to seek treatment again. About half of the participants had gained weight in a past quit-smoking attempt. Among these people, those who had high concerns about gaining weight were more likely to avoid quit-smoking treatment, researchers found. 

Researchers said that doctors helping patients quit smoking should ask them about whether they had experienced weight gain in the past, and should reassure them that there are weight maintenance strategies that can be incorporated into their quit-smoking treatment. 

There are many choices to follow the right physical work-out, after quitting smoking, which could keep the person in good shape. There is no apparent link between smoking and weight loss; it seems to be more a psychological trend among those who might not be well informed about the real reason for weight gain or weight loss. 

In the context of maintaining younger looks and healthy bright skin, we would support every anti-smoking effort, and would recommend not only abstaining from smoking, but also from excessive drinking and junk food.  

Smoking does tell upon the skin which is reflected in the loss of its elasticity, texture and resilience.  Smoking is thus among the prime culprits in any anti-aging treatment.

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