Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Smiling face reflects beauty and beautiful personality. Smiling is contagious - when others laugh, our mouths upturn into smiles. As a social animal, we are built to relate to others, so much so that we physically reflect back their expressions and movements. The urge to echo is triggered by what are known as mirror neurons, brain cells that mimic the actions or emotions of others. When the person next to you yawns, chances are you're going to break off a tonsil-rattling exhale, too.

Keeping smile is challenging in stressful situations, or in any other adversity.  Researchers have long known about the infectious nature of stress.  Pass-along strain runs rampant in relationships and work settings. Studies have also shown that there is "crossover" stress from one spouse to the other, between coworkers, and "spill over" from the work domain to home. The stress contagion effect, as it's known, spreads anxiety like a virus.

Thus, stressful state of mind affects your smile, and, in turn, your beauty and personality. Spreading smiles leads to positivity around you and your surroundings.  There are many ways to learn to handle stressful situations. Mindfulness way of life is perhaps the ideal solution. Mindfulness explains how we can control our emotions even in times of adverse situations, and prevent stressful thoughts. Emotions are highly contagious, especially negative emotions. And that can be highly dangerous when the emotional storms of others reflexively trigger the stress response in us. Stress is also a factor in five out of the six leading causes of death: it suppresses the immune system, lowers the good cholesterol, increases the bad, and leaves decision making up to a hysterical corner of your ancient brain that can't compute the social stressors of the modern world. In fact, stress is known to kill more people than traffic accidents or nicotine.

On the other hand, a smile makes you more attractive in more than one ways. People who smile a lot reflect impressive appeal, and create right ambiance for their colleagues, for their family, friends and at their work place. Certainly, smiling people have many friends.

A smile can change the feeling - researchers highlight the fact that a smile can trick the body, so the feeling changes. Stress can be seen on the face, but a smile can eliminate facial fatigue, boredom and sadness. It increases the immunity and lowers the blood pressure.

In the context of beauty, smile makes you look young. It moves many facial muscles and avoids the need to do any face lift. Therefore, in your beauty care regime, wearing smile is as important as taking care of your skin.

Here, a mention of aromatherapy would also be relevant. The herbal organic beauty products that HERBALLY RADIANT has been producing carry such essential oils for fragrance which have unique aromatic effect on the user. These essential oils are used as mood balancing elements, and have extremely soothing, relaxing and calming effect, eliminating stressful feelings and emotions.  All these add up to very effective natural beauty care regime.


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