Thursday, June 22, 2017


The reports quoting Jorgan Gade Hyldgaard of Hygade, Denmark, that natural ingredients in cosmetics can be "re-ingineered" so that traditional cosmetic products can be turned into natural products, was perhaps more a part of marketing argument.  He was speaking to a beauty magazine prior to the event bring organized by the Cosmetic Consultants of Europe  in Spain.

the fact remains that increasing number of consumers are going in for non-chemical beauty formulations, the market for which is expanding rapidly. In his interview, Jorgan Gade Hyldgaard said that many cosmetic companies are now trying to use new technology for cosmetics ingredients. The technology which his company is going to use is called Solubility Parameter Technology.  He did not clarify the new technology. In fact, we at Herbally Radiant feel that the natural ingredients should be allowed to grow in the best natural habitat and that use of chemicals in their growth should be avoided.

The current plants and flowers that are the source of natural ingredients have proved quite powerful in beauty formulations. The Essential Oils derived from flowers undergo a very delicate process and create amazing effect on skin. Herbally Radiant would therefore suggest that this natural process of the growth of natural organic ingredients should not be interfered with.  Any attempt to introduce new technology on GMO pattern could lead to avoidable risks to skin health.

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