Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Expressing their support to the Paris accord on climate change, L'Oreal, Uniliver, DuPont, Biosynthetic Technologies, Cocoestolide, Este'e Lauder had advocated adherence to the international climate accord. The main players had written to US government in a full page ad in New York Times and Wall Street Journal in May.

Beauty industry is already engaged in finding effective formulations to protect skin from external pollutants. Skin damage due to UV rays and increasing pollution is well documented.  The main beauty care companies are following the manufacturing practices which support not only pollution free environment but also ensures sustainable supply of natural organic ingredients.

The natural organic ingredients are likely to suffer if the climate change measures are not adopted. These require pollution-free environment for their sustenance and growth. Herbally Radiant has been advocating measures to fight external pollutants to protect skin that can prevent premature appearance of aging signs. Over-exploitation of natural resources is bound to affect adversely the growth and supply of organic ingredients.

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