Saturday, June 24, 2017


Herbally Radiant has been monitoring the studies being conducted on the effects of coconut oil. Unfortunately, there has not been any peer-reviewed authoritative research on it.  There are reports from time to time explaining health benefits from the use of coconut oil, or potentially harmful effects.

Having lived in coastal areas for more than 9 years (Dar es Salaam, Manila and India) where coconut is made good use of by everyone, we found using coconut oil had been the norm for times immemorial. People in these regions did not suffer from high cholesterol from its use. And, they did not need any 'research' or 'study' to tell them the good or bad effects of coconut which grows abundantly in those climates.

From the dietician's point of view, coconut oil contains high natural saturated fats. These fats increase healthy (HDL) cholesterol and convert bad (LDL) cholesterol into good ones.  As we saw from our experience in warm coastal countries, coconut oil helps the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins, calcium, and magnesium.  It improves gut bacteria and digestive health, besides also helping to restore oxidative tissue damage.

Being in the manufacturing of natural beauty formulations, Herbally Radiant has found coconut to be one of the most effective and skin-friendly moisturizing agents. Apart from skin, coconut oil provides the best nutrients for the hair and prevents hair damage.  Herbally Radiant products, therefore, carry coconut oil in many of its 76 natural products that have found favor with its loyal customers.   

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