Thursday, April 6, 2017


When the skin begins to show signs of maturity, the area under the eye is the changes the texture. This area is more prone to formation of early wrinkles. Therefore, taking care of this delicate area should be of equal importance in the daily beauty regimen.

The skin under the eye area is different from the skin on other parts of face. It's very delicate and sensitive.  It has no sweat glands and needs extra care.

The black circles or aging signs in this area could be due to sun exposure, dry skin, rubbing, gugging and pulling, or applying creams or lotion which does not have right kind of ingredients.

At Herbally Radiant we are constantly testing the natural ingredients that create special moisturizing lotion to keep under the eye area bright and smooth.  Many players joining the lucrative under-the-eye area formulations market, are mostly luring customers with aggressive marketing claims like Tripple Correction Eye Serum, Bio Restorative Eye Cream, Under Eye Repair Cream, Retinol Correxion Sensitive Eye Cream, Age Defense Eye  Cream, Retinoid Eye Repoairer Cream and many other unverifiable claims. Not surprisingly, most of these products do not show ingredients on their labels, leaving the customer uninformed.

After testing with a variety of natural USDA certified ingredients, Herbally Radiant launched its Eye Cream four years back and over these years, several customers have shifted to it for its visible effect. For customers' information, the key ingredients are listed on the label. For example, it's aloe based with jojoba and lavender extracts, evening primrose, calendula and rooibos tea extract and vitamin E, besides other rich nutrients.

We do not advise customers to go in for any harsh or strong ingredient as formulations with such powerful elements could speed up formation of lines and wrinkles under the delicate eye area.

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