Monday, April 17, 2017


Kristine Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, makes a good point when she says that we live in a world where nutrition advice is merely a click away. Not all of it is sound or evidence-based, though. As a dietitian, she see this all the time with my patients whose diets reflect great intentions and motivation to improve health — but from misguided sources.
At Herbally Radiant, we advise customers to ensure balanced diet in order to maintain healthy skin and enhance beauty, which means reducing junk diet, or highly processed food and applying formulations that are full of harsh chemical ingredients.
It is useful to learn what Kristine describes as few popular myths :
1. To lose weight, just eat tons of protein.
Moderate amounts of fat and protein are better than the animal-heavy approach that may pose bigger problems. Protein sources like beans and peas are better options. Therefore, balance your protein intake.
2. If you want to get all the nutrients from your food, it has to be raw.
Although the raw movement is big, it is not always the best way to achieve bioavailability and disease-fighting capability. In fact, several foods are better absorbed when they are steamed, or cooked.
3. Coconut oil is the miracle food we all need.
Benefits of coconut oil seem to have been exaggerated for its impact on health. There is no need to avoid it entirely, but also look at the benefits of olive oil, nuts, seeds and the fatty fish
4. It’s important to "cleanse" or "detox" at least once a month.
One should remember that the liver in the human body is the most effective detoxing system. But it prefers nutrient-dense foods, avoidance of sugar and a healthy weight.
5. The most important meal of the day is breakfast.
This has been a popular myth which has not been supported by several studies. Experts,s therefore, suggest that quality of their meal is more important than the timing. Body demands food when it is hungry.

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