Thursday, April 13, 2017


Every reputed market research group is pointing out to steady growth of natural personal care products. The Transparency Market Research has estimated that the market for organic personal care products is likely to reach $ 13.2 billion by next year, recording CAGR growth rate of 9.6%.
The latest study by Ecovia  is more hopeful of double digit growth for many years, and expects this market to reach $ 25.1 billion by 2025.
Globally speaking there has been steady growth in recent years due to increasing awareness among customers about the health benefits of natural elements, potential health risks from the use of harsh chemical ingredients in their personal care products and, in the case of US, rising approvals from USFDA and Dept of Agriculture for more natural ingredients in the personal care formulations is expected to fuel this growth.
More consumers are also showing awareness of the sustainability and eco-friendly aspect of environment. They now prefer products which are developed along sustainable and ethical lines, products that are free from synthetic elements or harsher chemicals.
In addition, widening distribution channels and new product development are the other factors that contribute to the market growth. However, limited shelf life, raw material supply and a stringent regulatory scenario are expected to be key challenges to market growth over the next five years.
Promoting greater awareness among consumers for the skin-friendly formulations, HerballyRadiant uses only USDA certified organic ingredients. Their effects is amazing, especially in anti-aging formulations. Unlike petroleum or chemical-based ingredients which pose several risks to skin and overall health, the certified organic ingredients in Herbally Radiant’s products have proven to be safer and more effective. All the ingredients are displayed on the labels to help consumers make better informed choice than following the aggressive, and, at times, misleading  claims which are not verifiable.

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