Friday, October 28, 2016


In a topical paper brought out by Sabinsa, the fact that natural beauty care products are the best choice is again highlighted.
It explains how effective and safe natural alternatives to synthetic antimicrobial compounds and preservatives, find multifunctional applications in personal care products.
The need to control microbial activity is inherent in two major facets of personal care, namely, antimicrobial care wherein the product helps to retard the growth of topical pathogens or eliminate them, and preservatives that retard the growth of microbes in personal care product formulations.
We at Herbally Radiant are promoting the basic concept that herbs are nature’s bounty. Our body’s response to organic substances is gentle yet very effective. The extracts of plants and herbs, essential oils and tinctures have amazing protective and curative properties. The formulations out of these ingredients have immensely beneficial effect in cosmetic applications. Some have nourishing or cleansing active ingredients, some whip up circulation, others refine pores, while some freshen skin, leaving it soft and glowing. Organic ingredients help skin’s capacity to absorb, allowing better penetration of beneficial herbal extracts.
The best way to stay fit, remain beautiful and healthy is to benefit from nature’s bounty. We have seen in recent years that larger number of physicians, beauticians and cosmetologists across the world are shifting to organic skin care products. Increasing use of organic products is also due to visible harmful side effects from the application of synthetic and chemical ingredients.
Consumers have a large variety to choose from plants and flowers. New techniques enable  manufacturers to present them in ready-to-use products with long shelf life. Some of these are natural preservatives themselves while others are hardening agents which have excellent uses for face masks. Many are wonderful emulsifiers. Besides, fruits, vegetables and other plant extracts and oils have their own fine aromas and fragrances. The organic formulations have, therefore, highly soothing aroma creating natural cooling and calming effect.

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