Monday, October 3, 2016


There have been reports of counterfeit cosmetic products that contain potentially harmful chemical ingredients.  Recently, UK authorities prosecuted marketers of cosmetic products which contained banned substances. One substance detected was carcinogen O-Aminophenol.

Currently over 1000 substances are banned by EU regulations for use in cosmetic products. These are basically chemical ingredients, many of which pose long term health risks.

Cosmetics market in US is operating under lax regulations and many players are taking advantage of these by using inexpensive chemical ingredients which are not safe for application on skin or hair.

Herbally Radiant strongly favours marketing of only safer skin care products and more effective measures to regulate their safety and reliability.

The recent bipartisan proposal made through the House of Representatives, therefore, needs strong support of all consumer groups that aims at strengthening FDA's ability to regulate cosmetics products more effectively. 

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