Friday, September 16, 2016


Keeping up with the latest packaging technology in order to offer safely packaged products to the consumers, Herbally Radiant decide to go in for the air tight bottles for its products. The complexity of today’s cosmetic formulas means that airless packaging is essential in order to prevent sensitive and active ingredients from being compromised by oxidation.
The natural organic ingredients that Herbally Radiant uses in its formulations need to be delivered without any rancid effect.  Especially, the anti-ageing cosmeceuticals of Herbally Radiant contain formulations that are often highly sophisticated or complex in order to provide real benefits.  It has been found that airless packaging is the ideal means for preserving the efficacy of its products.
In air tight packaging, the air is prevented from compromising the sensitive formulations. The more sophisticated formulas become, the more they will need airless packaging. Airless packing is a necessity if the product packed is intended to carry specific features and performance. The purpose is to prevent sensitive and active ingredients from being compromised by oxidation. Only fully airless packaging can guarantee complete product purity.
It has been seen that airless packaging is the most efficient way of delivery for advanced formulations containing ingredients that may deteriorate (for example, vitamin C and retinol) or use of other organic materials; reduction of preservatives, little or no product waste (air tight bottles offer exceptional bottle evacuation); high density viscous products (that cannot be dispensed with a traditional pump); product protection; and controlled dosage.
The new air less bottles of HerballyRadiant, especially for its CLEAN range of products, offer excellent protection against external germs and against oxidation. This is crucial for the consumers with sensitive skin which can flare up quickly with the use of any contaminated cream, serum or scrub. It guarantees stability of delicate ingredients, a longer shelf-life without preservatives while allowing increasing use of natural ingredients in the formulas.
The airless packaging also minimizes product wastage and assures consumers that the product remains pure and efficient during use. Besides, the sleek design of airless bottles of HerballyRadiant has aesthetic appeal for its customers.

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