Wednesday, September 7, 2016


At Herbally Radiant we receive frequent enquiries if we also stock Essential Oils  (EOs), which we don’t, but we do use them in different formulations, after blending them with other complementary herbal ingredients.  Many customers approach us with questions on some EOs, which they learn from DIY formulae posted on internet.  So it would be useful to learn some basics of EOs. Essentially, using EOs in beauty formulations is an art based on the science of treating different skin types.
There are fundamental differences between Essential and Carrier Oils. In fact, it is their fundamental differences, and our knowledge of them, that make Essential and Carrier oils such a good combination not only for enhancing facial beauty, but also for use in aroma and massage therapy.
Function is what’s given Carrier Oils their name. Derived from plants or seeds, kernels or nuts like apricot oil, fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, hemp seed oil, grapeseed oil and olive oil, Carrier Oils are the delivery method for ‘carrying’ EOs to the skin or hair.
Carrier Oils are “fixed”(or inert) because they’re not subject to easy evaporation like “volatile” EOs. However, unlike EOs, they are subject to going rancid. Also, for the most part, Carrier Oils have minimal fragrance, whereas EOs are used specifically for how they smell. The ways in which Carrier and Essential Oils differ turn out to be the very things that make them perfect and complementary as a foundation for aromatherapy.
EO are the concentrated volatile aroma compounds found in plant, flowers, leaves, seeds, berries, peels, needles, twigs, bark, wood, roots,  resin, etc. Plants produce them for a number of reasons. Some EOs may attract animals that pollinate or disperse seeds while others may function  to repel or poison animals that threaten the plants. EOs also play a role in the hormonal cycle of plants as well as being components of a plant’s immune system.
EOs are the building blocks of the practice of aromatherapy. Many EOs are well documented to relieve stress and act as mood balancer, and have greater effect when inhaled directly or through diffuser. While perfumery and aromatherapy are two significant branches, the combination of the two has the potential to be a great fusion of art and science.
Fragrance in beauty formulations incredibly influences the body and mind. Smell is such a powerful sense. Since females have stronger sense of smell than males, women’s beauty products become exceedingly powerful with right kind of EOs.
Aromatherapy is not a curative process by itself, but is very useful in symptom control in case of physical conditions and is very effective in helping to manage emotional conditions. When our brain can’t experience the world, it tales help of senses to “tell” it what’s going on. The brain receives information from nerves and sensory organs. The olfactory nerve connects to the thalamus (acting as a kind of a filter, only sending on some input) and is the only one of the senses that connects directly to the cerebral cortex. The EO blends in Herbally Radiant products create excellent soothing and relaxing sensation, while rejuvenating the skin and enhancing beauty.

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