Saturday, August 20, 2016


Dearbail Jordan makes important point in BBC today that selfies are fueling boom in sales of beauty products.
Marketing cosmetics with the help of selfies is innovative marketing tool. As Dearbail Jordan points out, some call it extreme narcissism while for others it is just a bit of fun. For Estee Lauder, the selfie is a trend that has helped drive a rise in make-up sales.
Other beauty brands like Clinique, MAC and Bobbi Brown also admit that there has been a shift in consumer preferences – the snap-happy want to be camera ready at all times.
Recent strong demand for products like lipsticks and foundation is also being linked to the growing trend of everyone taking photos now and allowing make-up to transform one’s appearance according to the mood.
Major companies feel that selfies enable consumers to have many more choices in terms of how they interact and learn.
Herbally Radiant is monitoring with interest the innovative social media promotional strategies, including rising selfie phenomenon to ensure good appearance. Being in the business of natural skin care products, it feels that excessive emphasis on mere appearance might divert consumer focus from the need to maintain healthy skin. As a matter of fact, physical health, including the shape of skin, should have the priority over other factors.

Selfies are fine and fun for all ages. But the need for feeding the skin with rich nutrients, not harsh chemicals, should continue to be upper most in mind. 

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