Thursday, December 18, 2014


Huffington Post today carries useful advice that indoor tanning has many potential health risks, besides skin cancer.

From the point of health of skin and its natural complexion, the point made by the spokes person of JAMA Internal Medicine is important:

"UV exposure from indoor tanning accelerates skin aging; the gradual loss of the skin's elasticity results in wrinkles, skin sagging, and dry, coarse skin."  There are other risks like "If the tanning bed isn’t clean, you can also get a serious skin infection with symptoms like genital warts, skin rashes, skin warts, and flaky, discolored patches on your skin, UV exposure from indoor tanning accelerates skin aging."

He also noted that exposure to UV radiation from indoor tanning is much more intense than anything that could come from the sun. Additionally, sensitive areas of the skin -- that wouldn't usually be exposed in outdoor tanning -- are often left unprotected during indoor sessions. 

Skin needs better treatment during winter time. Keep it adequately moisturized, preferably with herbal organic formulations which feed skin with useful nutrients.

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