Monday, December 22, 2014


There are many beauty brands in the market, all claiming to offer best eye cream to remove emerging lines and wrinkles. Eyes are the focal point of face, having bags, bulges, crow feet and wrinkles do not create youthful appearance. Let us briefly look at this delicate area of face, and learn how to remove puffiness or shadows. 

The area around eye is very delicate; the eye contour has the thinnest – nearly ten times thinner than the facial skin - and most fragile facial skin. It lacks sebaceous glands and collagen and elastin fibers. Under continuous strain of 22 muscles in perpetual motion and 10,000 blinks per day, the area under eye is the first to show signs of aging, and begins to show early wrinkles and traces of tiredness.

With tiredness or age, blood and lymph microcirculation around the eyes may slow. The tissue around eyes has very few oil glands and it lacks the natural moisture which should be maintained with right kind of formulation.  

Few tips for keeping skin around eye healthy :

Firstly, choose safe and skin-friendly formulation, preferably organic. Products containing excessive oil increase the likelihood of clogged glands around the eyes that can lead to styes and other ocular problems. Particularly in the case of contact lens, the oil not only sticks to the lens causing blurred vision, but can also cause permanent staining.

-         Drink plenty of water which is essential for maintaining elasticity of skin.
-         Avoid smoking. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, especially under eye area, making it difficult for nutrients to be absorbed which further causes breakdown of collagen.
-         Avoid direct sun. Overexposure to UV rays causes melanocytes, the pigment-producing cells, to mature abnormally and cause uneven pigmentation and premature signs of aging.
-         Wear good sunglasses to avoid squinting and developing crow feet.
-         Get adequate rest since fatigue can cause skin to appear under stress and pale.
Limit alcohol intake. Excessive drinking causes dehydration.

As the established manufacturer of herbal organic beauty products (HERBALLY RADIANT), we would recommend our special formulation: “Eye Cream”. It is aloe-based preparation with orange jojoba, lavendula and vitamin E.  With other complementary natural ingredients, its daily use can immediately start eliminating fine lines and puffiness, gradually removing the dark circles. This ideal cream, with antioxidants, provides protection against free radical damage and external pollutants.

In good anti-aging routine, this herbal organic Eye Cream acts effectively by nourishing and revitalizing the delicate eye contours.


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